Whale Mural for Whale Theatre – Irish times August 2017

The Irish Times is showing some love to what kept me busy (and silent because it’s a surprise) all spring and summer – a massive mural around 90′ x 13′ (27 x 4 m).

The Irish Times August 2017

The actual Whale and the detailed rock bed it’s sitting on where painted on 18 separate boards in Greystones studio. You can see how it all began in a video here:



Horse and Hound Pub gets a beauty treatment

A much-loved (since 1790!) Horse and Hound Pub in Delgay, Co. Wicklow, has just got a wall beauty treatment by my brush&paint:


The horse & hound mural went up despite the rain, the bitter cold and its less-than-easy-to-reach location. Check out work-in-progress and the massive Height for Hire cherry picker I learned to operate for this job:

In addition to the mural, the pub now sports a new hand-painted double-sided sign:

To sum up, three new horses and three new hounds were added by yours truly to the centuries’ worth of art collected by this most charming pub.

To see more of this historical gem (currently for sale if you’re interest!) go to www.thehorseandhoundsale.com

Hello, strangers. The last 6 months have been all ‘no-disclosure’ film artwork – portraits, calligraphy, scenic art and art direction, so – an overwhelming zero personal art was made!

Here is the one beaut I can disclose for now – a lovely classic car Christmas commission that came from London. It was a pleasure to paint and a pleasure to deliver, which I did in person. David Bowie’s musical ‘Lazarus’ and a handful of top-notch exhibitions to visit in the National Gallery and the Royal Academy were a cherry on top!

Irina Kuksova Classic Car Painting lowrez

Lived & painted enough for a spread interview

A few words on how my artistic abilities were used since September 2015 and why my ‘Media&Film’ section has not seen new artwork since 2013.

Bray People and Wicklow People – 13 July 2016.

Ferrari Dino – commissioned painting time lapse!

If you wonder how long it takes to paint one of dem commissioned classic car portraits… Well, just around one minute according to this time lapse video!

On a more serious note – it usually takes one to eight weeks depending on the painting size and my current workload & health. Every so often I build custom size painting support which would add a week or two (between materials delivery and support preparation).