Immortalizing your (your friend’s/spouse’s/significant other’s) pride and joy is easy as one-two-three:

1) Email me a clear photograph taken from the car’s “best side”. That is the exact way she will appear in the painting. Additional photographs are always welcome for bigger paintings – we want to be sure all the beauty’s details are captured right.

2) Let me know what background you’d like (rolling hills, a house, a place you love…) and the deadline.

You will receive a quote for different size options of your painting.

3) Painting size selected and commission cost agreed, I will start on your order upon receipt of the non-refundable 33% deposit. You’ll get a snapshot of your commission progress once a week on your email. When you’re 100% happy and the outstanding balance is paid, you’ll get your beauty’s portrait delivered to your door (by myself if you’re in Dublin or by your courier of choice).

It is not uncommon that a commission is completed without my ever seeing the person who ordered a painting. All communication is done purely through email. This Aston Martin DB4 is an example of such collaboration. Internet is great!


Although my own projects keep me quite busy, I am always happy to create a unique artwork for someone who is ready to make an investment. “How much is it to get a car painted?”, I’m often asked. I don’t mean to be evasive but the answer is: “It depends”. What does a car cost? It depends on whether you’re talking about a trusty A to B vehicle or a unique racing car. There isn’t just one price put on all cars. This is not evasion. It is honestly stating, “You’re not going to get an exotic Lamborghini for the price of a Fiat Panda.”

The commission cost depends on the size, the level of detail, the complexity of the background, the number of subjects, the medium and rights required. Where price is of a paramount concern, there are often ways of simplifying the commission to shrink the price down. Say, do you need you whole family house in the background (expensive) or would a gate with the house name (less expensive) do?

The following guideline is for one main subject (a car or a person). The prices do NOT include shipping or framing.

 Price guideline in EURO (GBP)
cm (inches)
Acrylic on canvas
Pencil on paper
A4: 20×30  (8×12) 550 (450) 400 (350)
A3: 30×40 (12×16) 1200 (1150) 800 (650)
60×80  (24×31) 2400 (1800) n/a
80×100 (31×39) 4000 (3200) n/a



Payment is possible through

  • PayPal
  • Bank Draft/Postal Order 
  • Bank Transfer
In all cases the transaction fee is to be paid by the sender.

Please note that cheques can take up to 6 working days to clear and plan payments accordingly. It is not possible for me to release a painting until the cheque has been cleared. In case of urgency I would advice an Urgent Same Day Bank Transfer.

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