Ferrari Dino – commissioned painting time lapse!

If you wonder how long it takes to paint one of dem commissioned classic car portraits… Well, just around one minute according to this time lapse video!

On a more serious note – it usually takes one to eight weeks depending on the painting size and my current workload & health. Every so often I build custom size painting support which would add a week or two (between materials delivery and support preparation).

Another year – another hare

Continuing the traditional yearly charity work – let me introduce you to ‘Restless Melody’ hare.  Reader, this is Restless Melody. Restless Melody, this is Reader.

You probably recognize Jack&Jill Children’s Foundation signature initiative. If not,  the overview of their Hares on the March is here. 

Last but not least, here’s how Restless Melody was made:

‘Restless Melody’ hare getting airbrushed::: Hurray – first day of the new year! :::Started it off with a bang nice and early at 2pm.Let me entertain you with a bunny over this somewhat late breakfast…

Posted by Irina Kuksova Art on Friday, 1 January 2016

Irish Seaside Ladies – now in acrylic!

Irish Seaside Ladies are getting slightly more realistic 🙂
Miss Lehinch is the first to try on a slightly more human form. She is also the first to be painted on a new kind of support – Dibond – primed and sanded just for her by yours truly.

Work in progress, 50×35 cm, acrylic on board:

Pig Auction open!

You can now bid on, sponsor or adopt my charity pig Splashy HERE

It’s suitable for outdoor display and is shipped worldwide. Here we are, saying ‘Hey’ 🙂

Hey! - Irina and Splashy
Hey! – Irina and Splashy in St Stephens Green Park, Dublin

Splashy-the-pig for Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation

If you’re a Dubliner, you’ve probably seen a few painted pig sculptures lurking in the city. If not – look here! This is ‘Splashy’:

‘Splashy’ is one of a herd counting 100 pigs in total, each hand-painted by a selected Irish artist (Splashy’s decoration is all my doing).  She is a proud part of ‘Pigs on Parade’ initiative by Jack and Jill children’s charity .  You can SPONSOR or PURCHASE this Pig by donating to Jack and Jill. For all information call +353 45 – 894538/660 or email

Jack and Jill provides direct funding, to families of children with brain damage up to the age of 4 who suffer severe intellectual and physical developmental delay, enabling them to purchase home respite care. They also provide end of life care to all children up to the age of 4 years. These are children who as a result of their condition require intensive home nursing care.

If you or your company would love to help this good cause, contact Jack and Jill now.

Irish Seaside – Killiney

Have you ever been to Killiney beach, Co. Dublin? For me, it has always been a place of solitude (no matter how many people hit Killiney beach on a good day!).

'Killiney Beach' Polychromos&UniPin on paper 30x40 cm
‘Killiney Beach’ Polychromos&UniPin on paper 30×40 cm

In summer 2013 I suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident – I still feel it to this day – and had to spend most of the following six weeks in bed. Thankfully, that year we were blessed with a fantastic hot summer so I spent lots of time lying on Killiney beach instead of my bed! The sun heat proved therapeutic – it helped to ease my neck and back pain, which at first seemed to be resistant to painkillers. So there goes my Killiney beach impression – being alone, not wishing anyone to disturb me, not able to do anything but doze or look at the sand, the pebbles and the blue sea waves. And – have an occasional Chupa-Chups.

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Irish Seaside Series

What comes to your mind when you remember your favorite seaside spot?… Well, here is what comes to mine:

'Dun Laoghaire Harbour' Polychromos&UniPin on paper 30x40 cm
‘Dun Laoghaire Harbour’ Polychromos&UniPin on paper 30×40 cm

This is my impression of Dun Laoghaire harbor in Co. Dublin, Ireland: elegant and shabby, full of fun, fish, lobsters and flowers, but also seaweed, mooring ropes and sails. Each small element of the picture is inspired by something seen in Dun Laoghaire.

Here are some progress shots: from pencil to Uni Pin, to a coloured in image:

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Learn to paint flowers

Unleash your romantic side! Paint a flower 🙂

Rarely do I paint landscapes, let alone flowers! The only flowers I painted were peonies and roses from my grandparents’ garden. I was 4 or 5!

Decades later, I got presented with a lovely bunch of peonies to celebrate the completion of my first Greystones Art Class season. With my renewed interest in oils, I felt inspired to keep these flowers forever – their painted version that is! If you are into painting yourself, here is a tutorial in pictures.

Hope your summer is going great and you get inspired to paint the some amazing beauty we are blessed with this season![facebook_like_button][feather_share skin=”wheel” size=”24″]